Veritiq is proud to announce the recent release of version 1.8
of its VQ Process product.

VQ Process works hand in hand with VQAudit to move the checkpoints utilized to maintain quality further up the chain during actual execution of the processes. VQProcess brings a project management approach to process control. Each process is viewed as a project with a distinct start and end points and a series of tasks and milestones that have to be completed to achieve a successful completion of the process. Several processes can be chained in this fashion to create process trees and hierarchies.VQProcess modules include workflow builder, rules engine, messaging and alerts, and extensive reporting and dash-boarding tools to perform process management. Like VQAudit, VQ Process uses a flexible template based engine to allow creation and modification of process flows by the users of the system without dependence on IT departments. A series of threshold alerts and messages can be created in the system to maintain the timeline of the workflows and to prevent any bottlenecks from developing in the processes. VQProcess manages milestone activities to ensure timely completion of all process tasks.

VQProcess can be used in a stand-alone mode or as integration to legacy core applications without strong process management functionality.

For a demo of VQProcess email or call 866-936-9576.