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Systems and Processes.
Knowledge and Experience. Expertise. Efficiency.

Buzzwords often repeated but rarely stated with the deep knowledge and understanding that you need your key vendors to have for your business.

Veritiq approaches its clients and their needs differently. We are truly Results-Driven.

With a sharp focus gained from years of experience working on both the client and vendor side of the industry, Veritiq applies a results driven approach to each Software application implemented and Consulting engagement. With a keen eye for operational improvement, the Veritiq team has enjoyed repeated success identifying change opportunities that yield immediate and significant cost savings and improved customer and employee satisfaction.


Veritiq was started in 2005 when CEO, Pras Biswas realized the need for a consolidated platform for process and quality management solutions that targeted the needs of service businesses. The services sector typically does not have a tangible product to deliver yet they are faced with the same, in many cases greater challenges to manage the quality of their service delivery. Frustrated at solving these same challenges while developing similar custom software over and over again at various companies, Pras brought together a team of experienced process and quality engineers to create a comprehensive suite of software products and services to fill this need.

Veritiq has grown significantly since its inception branching out into consulting services, implementation and custom software development. The initial product line focused on quality management has been expanded to include process management, analytics and document management suites.