VQ Performance
The Kaizen of Professional Growth

Performance Management should not be a once-a-year event. Performance Management should be a continuous process that supports skill-based learning and professional development. It is a philosophy designed to encourage and support documented professional appraisal and professional development goals as an ongoing process.

VQ Performance helps employees to set goals, learn new skills and map out strategies for professional development. It helps an employee assess the current level of competence in specific areas, and provides him with an array of learning resources to build his knowledge and skills. It then helps him connect that learning to the skills and behaviors required for superior performance in his job. The employee transforms into an active and interested participant in his career and growth.

Key Processes:
  • Performance Plan
  • Self and Supervisor Evaluation
  • Skills-based Learning Ladder
  • Performance Blueprint
  • A uniform way to conduct performance evaluations
  • A detailed feedback is given to the employee, highlighting their current performance.
  • Access to a system that is designed to help assess the employee strengths while identifying areas in which he or she would like to develop his/her professional talents.
  • The employee becomes an active participant in managing his or her personal and professional growth and development.