VQ Docs aims to solve the age old problem of policies and procedure documents not being linked to Process and Quality systems, resulting in the lack of a chain of accountability on why certain process or quality decisions were made at certain points of time.

VQDocs allows organizations to maintain centralized policies and procedure documentation with version control, change management, distributed access and annotation controls. VQDocs is tightly integrated with VQProcess and VQAudit products to provide documentation reference for process and quality decisions.

One of the unique features of VQDocs is a powerful document search functionality that users can use to search through large volumes of documents in various file formats, quickly and efficiently. The version control feature enables date and time stamping of all documents and changes inside of a document to create a clear accountability of document creation, change and deletion. Strong change control workflows ensure consistent change management principles are being utilized in managing the documents.

Reference links can be created from VQProcess and VQAudit into VQ Docs to associate process and quality decisions directly with the version controlled repository of VQDocs. This eliminates the requirement of post-mortem analysis of why a certain process was executed or quality control performed as of a certain cut-off date and time. As VQ Docs policies and procedures documents are updated by the compliance groups, operations and quality control get instant access to the latest changes without having to wait for a batch release of important guidelines.

For a demo of VQDocs email info@veritiq.com or call 866-936-9576.