With VQAnalytics, you will have all the decision data points that are needed to manage your business right at your fingertips.

The product consolidates information from VQProcess and VQAudit to provide a 360 degree view of your organization’s performance from process initiation to final quality checks. Process monitoring is a proactive process and quality monitoring a reactive process. The combination of information from both angles is invaluable for management teams to monitor and calibrate their organization’s production environment.

Our VQAnalytics tool can also be run over your existing Quality and Process Management system(s).A series of customizable dashboards and reports are available that can be run real-time to get a high level view of the organization as well as performing a drill-down into specific problem areas or issues. The system simulates a “control panel” view of a service organization making it easy to track anomalies and outlier conditions. A series of alerts and thresholds can be triggered based on boundary conditions and alert messages sent based on a rules based alert threshold system.

Adding new dashboards and reports is simple through an online report builder with full read-only access to the back-end database via a series of optimized views.
For a demo of VQAnalytics email info@veritiq.com or call 866-936-9576