Veritiq is a leading provider of Quality Management, Process Control and Human Capital Management solutions for service driven businesses especially those that are in high risk and compliance intensive industries.

The Veritiq team is comprised of industry experts in quality assurance, quality control, process management, governance, risk and compliance disciplines. The combined knowledge of our team in managing enterprise projects is encapsulated in our software solutions and professional services.

Quality and Process departments of service organizations face a myriad of challenges today, from monitoring quality of services to organizing documentation to managing compliance with multiple regulations. Many quality and process departments address each of their functions with a separate set of practices, leading to duplicated efforts and disorganized work output. This situation is compounded by a limited, fragmented use of technology to automate processes. Veritiq’s software solutions help solve these issues with a single, cohesive platform that allows for organization wide control of quality and process management efforts.
  • Consulting
  • Software Customization
  • Training & Knowledge Management
  • Product Development
  • Product Management & Support
  • Reporting management
  • Database Management
  • Business network Solutions
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