VQinsight - reveals the deepest "views of your contact center’s key indicators so you can transform meaningful data into actionable intelligence.

VQ Insight eliminates the walls between disparate data marts, allowing you to collect and integrate data from different sources. VQ Insight Key Performance Indicators have been developed by industry specialists to help measure and analyze all aspects of your call center operations, enabling you to:

  • Answer the questions within questions
  • Tie Key metrics to performance targets
  • Automate the reporting process for One Version of the Truth
  • Transform data into actionable intelligence
  • Measure and monitor your call center performance
  • Identify and improve problem areas
  • Identify performance against set goals
  • Align key performance measures with strategy
  • Focus on trends early from accurate forecasts
VQ Insight features:
  • Lets you see the most relevant “views” of your contact center’s key indicators through automated reports, so you can use the information to solve problems, predict trends and make informed forecasts, all in real time.
  • Total visibility across the enterprise with dimensional slicing and dicing of information.
  • Provides a consolidated view of key diagnostic information for all decision makers
  • Early focus on trends from accurate forecasts.
  • Enables timely, accurate prescription of treatment to address causal factors of failing health.
VQ Insight Differentiators
  • Designed and developed by experienced call centre practitioners
  • Focuses on the human performance system, builds capability and improves employee engagement
  • Reduces 30%+ administration tasks creating time for value-added agent coaching.
  • Integrates with current management processes & standard call centre technology platforms
  • Enables diagnostic capability to tighten performance dispersion