VQ-Learn - E-Learning made Easy
Complete Authoring Solution for E-Learning Systems – Course Builder,Course Publisher and Course Player.

Veritiq VQ Learn is an easy-to-use, full-featured course authoring tool that dramatically reduces development time for courses, without the assistance of third-party suppliers or information technology resources. An Instructional Designer or Content Manager – with little or no programming experience – can pour content into a set of available learning-delivery templates for rapid course generation.

Advantages of VQLearn

  • Economy – future courses do not need to be "developed" – they can be “generated”, which drastically reduces the time to market, outsourcing costs and costs of IT skills to be hired.
  • Build Courseware Faster – a knowledgeable content manager can generate a course in weeks or days instead of months.
  • Ease of course generation – Course development becomes a data entry job, not an IT project.
  • Focus on creating engaging, informative e-learning content, instead of being engaged in course development.