Operational Expertise is what drives us.

By starting with your desired results in mind, our consulting engagements are focused on your operational success. Typical engagements include focused operational evaluations with short timelines for process improvement presentations followed by active involvement in implementing recommendations. Sure to deliver measurable ROI, our unique Results-Based Incentive Fee approach insures that Veritiq investsequally in the success of your project. No project is too small as our experience tells us that small and subtle operational changes often lead to the most dramatic improvements in Customer and Employee Satisfaction which together can lead to dramatic increases in productivity and decreased expense.

Software development is what we nurture.

Whether your need is connecting legacy systems with a new software application or enhancing an existing system to accommodate new business processes or regulatory requirements, Veritiq has the development talent to accomplish your goals. We specialize in meeting tight timelines by utilizing 24/7 development resources. Veritiq is proficient in all languages, old and new alike. Our developers have unique capabilities to connect older systems based on older languages with newer applications based on the most current technologies. Our result driven approach leads to a finished product that will satisfy customers by making the operations team more efficient.

Training and Knowledge Management:
Trained users are our biggest assets.

Our Training and Knowledge Management teams focus on creating comprehensive product documentation as well as interactive training programs for classrooms and online environments. Training can be provided in various formats and for various groups of people. From one on one training classes to web based training, our instructors provide a unique learning experience to students. Our trainers are certified subject matter experts in our software products and processes.